Over the last few years, nature and biophilic design has had a heavy impact on the workplace. Bringing nature into the workplace not only helps to reduce stress but has also been seen to increase creativity and productivity among staff.

Incorporating nature into the workplace can take many different forms. Whether it be using brighter and more natural colours for walls, indoor plants - both real and imitation, or even furniture with wooden accents. Even wall art featuring views of nature can positively impact mood and wellbeing within the workplace.


Naturistic design can open up and brighten a space instantly. It also has the power to uplift our mood, making it easier for us to focus on tasks and stay engaged with others around us. 

Incorporating nature and naturalistic design into work environments not only improves physiological health, but psychological health also, which is more important now than ever before, with many people stuck in the confines of their homes during the pandemic.

By integrating a greener atmosphere into the workplace, health benefits such as lowered blood pressure, lowered heart rate, and memory restoration have been noticed. Lighting a space with natural or artificial light has also been seen to improve our circadian rhythm.

Weaving nature into our workspaces can take many forms. Whether you want to adapt your space entirely to create a more calming atmosphere, or you stick to small changes, likes adding plants and allowing for airflow in spaces which allows for an increased sense of focus and improved performance.



Of late, more and more businesses are looking into integrating biophilic design into their work and learning spaces. Biophilia (meaning love of nature) focuses on our instinctive attraction to mother nature. Bringing the outside inside has not only been seen to improve our productivity and well-being, but also our ability to learn or work with a higher level of concentration, comfort, and creativity.

Access to the outdoors and the feeling of being close to nature are becoming higher priorities for workspaces, with a firm focus on improving staff well-being and mental health. Employers are starting to integrate desking and seating with wooden accents, like our Atlas range, into their spaces. 


Our Atlas range is fully modular and customisable. With both an industrial and biophilic feel to its design, the Atlas range is perfect for creating a practical yet natural space.

Our Atlas Plateau desks offer wooden leg frames, perfect for bringing a little bit of nature into your workspace. From beech to dark walnut, you’ll be able to customise Atlas to fit your style, brand, and space, while still incorporating that biophilic design you’re looking for. Atlas also offers a wide range of metal frame finishes, allowing you to contrast the biophilic and industrial designs in your office.

Atlas also offers a range of accessories that are a perfect way to create a naturistic atmosphere and integrate your biophilic design throughout your space. Our planter and artificial planter boxes offer a way to configure real or imitation plants into your workspace, creating a more relaxing, positive, and productive atmosphere..


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