Arc: The Impact of Colour
23 June, 2021 by
Arc: The Impact of Colour
Emily Hannan

The environments where we work and learn have the ability to have a significant impact on both our productivity and our well-being. So, why shouldn’t we strive to make them as collaborative, comfortable and space-savvy as possible?

Over the years, learning spaces, especially those of higher and further education, have evolved significantly. Improvements have been made to create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for students, creating an environment where they feel more comfortable and can work in a more productive and positive way.

One of Arc’s main purposes is to provide comfort for its users through colour. The impact that colour can have on students has been studied far and wide. It’s believed that implementing certain colour schemes into the classroom can influence the emotional state and subsequently the behaviour of its students.

Studies believe that the use of certain colours can increase productivity by as much as 10%, can reduce truancy, and improve the well-being of students. Bright colours, such as yellows and oranges, were found to increase mental awareness, and soft blue and green shades were seen to help create an atmosphere of calm within the classroom.



Adhering to the idea of colour inciting productivity and calm in educational settings, the Arc collection comes in a wide variety of colours. From coral and grape to marigold and steel blue, Arc is committed to providing a positive impact on learning environments and the students that inhabit them.

By creating products like Arc, students can not only learn in a more positive and productive environment, but also have the freedom to move around their spaces, making it easier for them to connect and collaborate with others, while still being able to keep their spaces their own, something much more prominent now in 2021.


Arc allows for both collaboration and safety, creating storage bases, arms tablets and chairs with wheels, making it easy for students to keep notes, devices and belongings with them at all times, and still being able to move around the room when engaging in projects with others.

By creating open, connective spaces, and applying products like Arc, secondary and further education facilities are drastically improving not only their student’s productivity in work, but also their well-being and mental health. Spaces and products like these have been designed to give students comfort, making them feel able to tackle problems, and get their work done. 


We are passionate about giving our customers exactly what they are looking for within a product, from design to colour. We have made every effort to match this swatch guide to the colours used within the final shell finishes of our Arc products. Whether you are looking for a design and colour reset, or are simply looking to improve the productivity and well-being of your space's users, Arc is here to fulfil environments every need. 


Arc will be available from August 2021. For more information, contact us or go to

Arc: The Impact of Colour
Emily Hannan 23 June, 2021
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